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What we do

iFormat specializes in writing professional, elegant and authentic CV's and resumes, with a focus in Emiratization and Saudization for any industry. With over 10 years’ combined experience in CV and resume writing, recruitment, interview coaching, cover letter writing and LinkedIn optimization, we are the specialists. We have personally reviewed thousands of CV’s and resumes and understand the job market which makes us the best people to provide insight into the requirements of what a professional summary needs to display to make the best first impression.

Whether you are actively seeking an opportunity, being headhunted, receive an invitation to a board or committee role or even an invitation to speak as an expert, a well written Executive Summary will get you noticed among the crowd. In today's competitive market we face competition like never, the smallest detail can make a big difference in the first impression of a professional. We will help you build an ATS, NLP, ROI & Concise friendly profile.

With our vision on expanding on our 2-year plan, we advance to start opening markets in the United States in 2021, Europe in 2023, and Australia in 2023, and hiring specialists you can trust.

CV & Resume Writing

We Incorporate your vision, use powerful language to create an instantly more collected and organized layout. Take the time to understand where you are and heading to. Ensure ATS Compliance and incorporate NLP techniques.


We help today's future leaders understand the importance of being their authentic selves and incorporating this into their CV or Resumes to help them apply for their dream Internships, setting them up for success.

Outplacement Support

We Support companies that are undergoing strategic redundancies by providing tools and skills to those affected, setting them up to find and secure alternative work.

What to Expect

CV & Resume Analysis

A thorough analysis of your current Executive Summary, aiming to provide constructive feedback, evaluate the ATS compliance, provide feedback on the layout, language and mobile-friendliness of your profile.

Understand Career Goals

We conduct a 1-hour comprehensive meeting to understand your roles and achievements, create the best layout to a country-specific demand and transform the Executive Summary from a doing to achieving profile.


You receive an instantly more collected and organized mobile-friendly Resume & CV. A transformed achieving rather than a doing profile. A beautifully designed layout that displays the information clearly and concisely. A more senior, easy on the eye and sharp content, leaving little distraction to the eye and great attention to detail.

Our Skills

With over 7 years’ combined experience in CV & Resume writing, recruitment, interview coaching, cover letter writing and LinkedIn optimization, we are the specialists.

Place yourself in the best position to be approached for the roles that place you in the best position to be headhunted or nominated for the roles that accelerate your career. We use our skills to transpire elegance and authenticity into your profile giving you the confidence to represent yourself from the start of the process.

5 Reasons why you need a CV or Resume

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What to wear during an Interview?

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Why being prepared for Interviews are important.

The best you can do is represent yourself well enough that you are proud of what you have learned about yourself and the company you are app...

5 Top Tips for Writing Your CV or Resume

1) Focus on a clean and presentable layout 2) Ensure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes 3) Focus on the content alone, remove ...

Our Team

I am the CEO of iFormat and the Author of Writing a Powerful CV,Resume & Online Profile. I have been working in the industry for little over 7 years with a people-centric background in Learning & Development for over 16 years.
Jessica Chambers
CEO, Author & Chief Editor
Belinda joins iFormat as one of our newest members, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in the field of Psychology and French Studies, with a background in teaching.
Belinda Charlton
Skilled CV & Resume Writer
Caryn writes for our UAE market and is a smart and a passionate writer. Caryn writes for our corporate back-office roles with a specialization and passion for Human Capital & Resources, CEO, and Board roles.
Caryn Beukes
Senior CV & Resume Writer
Maria is a qualified Lumina Practitioner with over 10 years’ experience in HR and recruitment gaining insight to people and their individuality, specializing in providing a psychometric analysis based solely on your personality focusing on traits and not types.
Maria Van Rensburg
Senior CV/Resume Writer & Lumina Practitioner
Candice comes with a wealth of global Marketing experience, engaging with our partners, networking and building the iFormat brand.
Candice Bell
Global Business Development & Marketing Manager
Ian joins us with a wealth of experience as an Entrepreneur but also a background in recruitment. He is smart and has strong engagement ability with clients.
Ian Francis
Skilled CV & Resume Writer
Adele is one of our recent hires and brings a vibrant, technological savvy and enriching mind to iFormat. She supports our team with all their needs to ensure our clients get the best service in the fastest time.
Adele Beeton
Business Support Manager


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